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Begijnhof 34

Begijnhof 34

Begijnhof 34
Het HoutenHuys
Gothic house
Year of construction: appr. 1528

For a long time this building was thought to be the oldest house in town, until in 2012 a wooden façade from appr. 1485 was discovered behind a façade in the Warmoesstraat. Following several fires in town, from the 15th century onwards houses were mainly brick-built. Amsterdam has two wooden houses left: this one (Het HoutenHuys) and another at Zeedijk 1. The public is permitted to enter the Begijnhof, but entering the restricted area raises the residents’ wrath.

Wintertale in a Finnish snow forest
Max Topchil/ Shutterstock

Formats and prices

Large: not available

Small: about 100x71cm
Edition: 2
Price (framed): Eur 1250,00

Piëzo inkject print on 300grs paper: about 60x41 cm (Eur 375,00)