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Singel 83-85

Singel 83-85

Singel 83-85
Ferry house De Swaen
Year of construction: 1652
Style: Dutch Classicism

Buildings on this side of the Singel make up the border of the old town, from the period before the Canal District was constructed. In 1651 Nicolaas Swaan bought three houses here, demolished them and commissioned the construction of Het Oude Veerhuis (The Old Ferry House), which was a private house, storehouse and hostelry. The front and the side wall both lean a little forward, so a clever solution had to be made for the construction of the corner. By the end of the 19th century Hotel 't Blauwe Kruis (Hotel Blue Cross) was established here, probably intended for teetotallers. In 1917 taken over and renamed  Hotel Brouwer. So this is a ferry house/ inn/ hotel at the waterside, albeit not on the River Kwai.

Accomodation in River Kwai
Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Jirabu/ Shutterstock

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