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Prins Hendrikkade 47

Prins Hendrikkade 47

PrinsHendrikkade 47
Historic building, surrounded by Victoria Hotel
Year of construction: 1602

The quay was named after the youngest son of King Willem II in 1879. Previously this part of the waterfront was called Texelsche Kade (Quay of Tessel). The house at number 47 was made famous by the novel Publieke Werken written by Thomas Rosenboom. He describes that around 1890 a row of houses had to be demolished to enable the construction of the Victoria Hotel. Amongst those houses was number 47. But the owner, Pieter Carstens, who had bought the house for some 3000 guilders in 1858, refused to sell it to the Victoria owners for 20.000 guilders. So the hotel was constructed enclosing the small house. Number 47 should not be there, but it is.

Historic car
Bodie Ghost Town
California, USA
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