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Prof. Tulpplein 1

Prof. Tulpplein 1

Prof.Tulpplein 1
Year of construction: 1863-1867
Architect: CornelisOutshoorn

Luxury hotel with a view of the Amstel river, commissioned by Samuel Sarphati. Only one wing of the planned four wings has been built. Initially only a few guests came to the hotel, but after Johann Mezger started a physiotherapy practice in the hotel in the year 1870, it evolved into a health resort for the aristocracy. Nowadays the guests are quite often royal or famous (for instance: the Rolling Stones). Even now the Amstelhotel is a quiet oasis in the centre of Amsterdam.

Sheep on a rural road
Location unknown
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Formats and prices

Large: about 180x120cm
Edition: 2
Price (framed): Eur 1750,00

Small: about 100x70cm
Edition: 5
Price (framed): Eur 1250,00

Piëzo inkject print on 300grs paper: about 60x40cm (Eur 375,00)