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Singel 423

Singel 423

Singel 423
Entrepot with nozzle gable
Year of construction: 1606
Architect: Hendrick de Keyser

Originally a building for the storage of weapons. Between 1682 and 1810 a workshop for poor girls, winding raw silk. After that period the building was the home of the local military and for a short period the chamber of the city council. In 1972 it was made part of the University Library. The man on the bicycle is in Amsterdam, the chicken in the corner is from Mali. A remarkable meeting.

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Formats and prices

Large: about 180x120cm
Edition: 3
Price (framed): Eur 1950,00

Small: about 100x70cm
Edition: 5
Price (framed): Eur 1350,00

Piëzo inkject print on 300grs paper: about 60x40cm (Eur 375,00)