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Vijzelstraat 32/ Keizersgracht 589

Vijzelstraat 32/ Keizersgracht 589

Vijzelstraat 32/ Keizersgracht 589
De Bazel
Year of construction: 1919-1926
Architect: Karel de Bazel
Style: Art Déco

De Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij (Dutch Trading Company), founded in 1824 by King Willem I, commissioned the construction of this building to architect De Bazel. The NHM developed into a bank, and housed the banks ABN and ABN AMRO. Nowadays Stadsarchief (Amsterdam Archives) and Bureau Monumenten & Archeologie occupy it. After its opening the building acquired the nickname 'Spekkoek' (Larded Cake) because of the dark and light layers in the walls. The coloured window panes designed by Antoon Derkinderen and the tall light shafts produce interesting lighting effects. Like sunset on unspoiled nature.

Lake Tekapo
South Island, New Zealand
skyearth/ Shutterstock

Formats and prices

Large: about 180x120cm
Edition: 2
Price (framed): Eur 1750,00

Small: about 100x70cm
Edition: 3
Price (framed): Eur 1250,00

Piëzo inkject print on 300grs paper: about 60x41 (Eur 375,00)